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Teacher using a computer I have put links to my favorite online tutorials here.  You can use them to teach yourself a new tool or as a reference for your students.  After all for some of your students it has been a long time since freshman computer apps class.  I would particularly recommend the site On-Line Practice Modules, the modules in this site are written in a clear concise style with good use of illustrations.



On-Line Practice Modules

...part of the Internet4classrooms site, made up of an extensive collection of tutorials and lesson plans designed for teacher and student use.  There are modules for the most common educational software and if that isnít enough it also includes links to other on-line technology tutorials.


Explanations, tutorials and tips about computers and the Web

...a comprehensive introduction to computer hardware.  If youíve ever wanted to know how to troubleshoot your home computer this is a good source.


Learning to Teach with Technology Studio

... online technology integration classes for teachers  They can be taken for CEU credit or graduate credit in the state of Indiana.


Low Threshold Applications application of technology that is reliable, accessible, easy to learn,non-intimidating and (incrementally) inexpensive.


Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Classrooms and resources to help with technology integration including a group of tutorials found under technology tools.




arrowUsing the Internet:

Learn the Net

...tutorial for beginners to the Internet and it only takes 10 minutes.


arrowMicrosoft Excel:

Excel Tutorial

... includes short lessons on formatting, formulas, and charts and graphs.


Charting and Graphing Movie

...short flash presentation with sound on creating charts and graphs using Excel.

arrowMicrosoft PowerPoint:

The PowerPoint FAQ, tips, tutorials and templates for Microsoft Powerpoint.


Powerpoint in the Classroom tutorial about using Powerpoint in the classroom.


Education World: PowerPoint -- Creating Classroom Presentations

...resource with links to a tutorial and ideas of how to use Powerpoint with your students.


arrowMacromedia Flash:
Flash 101
...a 6 part tutorial thatís guaranteed to take you from Flash newbie to know-it-all, fast

Flash 5 Tutorial 1 to Create a Splash Screen

W3Schools Flash Tutorials
...multiple flash tutorials by W3Schools, an organization whose mission is to develop well organized and easy to understand online Web tutorials based on W3C Web standards

EcoEco Flash Tutorials
...more online free flash tutorials.


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