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Computers on the Internet

Make this your first stop when you are looking for web sites to use in lessons with your students. I have collected some excellent searchable sites in the Links category and some great individual web sites in the subject areas. Visit the Module Maker for step by step instructions on making your own online research modules using resources you have found here. Also take a look at the WebQuests area of this site for ideas on using the Internet with your students in ways that will engage them and lead to higher level thinking.



Education World's Site Review Center of the best educational web sites with a new review added daily. There are searchable archives orgainzed by subject matter. A very good starting point for good educational material on the Internet


MarcoPolo - Internet Content for the Classroom

..."provides the highest quality, standards-based Internet content and professional development to K-12 teachers and students throughout the United States." You must complete a free registration to view the amazing range of materials.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

..this site is a real treat, organized by subject area and fully searchable. There are extensive links on almost any topic a teacher could want.


The Gateway to Educational Materials

... an excellent full-service search engine for educational resources found on the Internet including lesson plans, web sites and webquests. It is categorized by grade level and subject area. It includes an excellent set of resources for Modern Language and religion both areas that some other sites have trouble with.


Blue Web'n

...matrix of Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and  type.  Includes lesson plans, online tools, and web resources.


Busy Teachers Website K-12 listing of Internet sites categorized by subject area.



...good site with extensive links especially for educators but with a lot of annoying pop-up adds.


Virtual Field Trips

...virtual field trips you can take with your classes to the best educational sites on the Internet. The trips include science, arts, literature and social studies areas of interest.


Educational Web Adventures

...Internet adventures that explore the world of art, science and history.




arrowCollaborative Projects

Human Genetics

...a worldwide search for the dominant trait.This project includes students from over the world. They complete surveys about what traits they have and then analyze the results o determine which traits are controlled by dominant genes and how often such dominant genes occur.


Global Schoolhouse database of collaborative projects from around the world categorized by subject, grade level and project date.





Exploring Leonardo

...created by the Museum of Science in Boston.  This site is an introduction to the life, art and science of Leonardo da Vinci.


Arts Hotlist

...a collection of links to art museums and sites about artists presented by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.


Ricci Adam's Music Theory

...interactive lessons, games, and utilities to use with your music theory students.


Sonar Masterclass training in Sonar.





All Shakespeare

..."ultimate guide to the works of William Shakespeare."


Guide to Grammar and Writing

...extensive collection of essays, powerpoints, and quizzes about grammar and the writing process.


The Five Paragraph Essay

...step-by-step guide to the five paragraph essay for 5th grade through early High School students.


Literature Learning Ladders

...materials and resources to aid teachers in using literature in the classroom.


Favorite Poem Project

...videos of various Americans saying poems that they love.


Web English Teacher

...categorized listing of lessons for english teachers in everything from literature to journalism.



arrowHealth & Physical Education:

Health Headquarters links from the National Health Museum.


National Institute of Health

...the official site for health information provided by the national government.


Chemicals and Human Health

...sponsored by the Biology Project this site shows what various chemicals do to your health.




..."an amusement park of math activities".  Designed for ages 13-100.


Cool Math Sites

...extensive listing of math sites on the Internet categorized by subject area.


Manipula Math with JAVA

...interactive JAVA math demonstrations. It takes awhile to load but the demonstrations are very impressive. Includes Calculus, Trig, and vectors among others. Check this one out!


Explore Math

...collection of "gizmos"-interactive multimedia activities-explaining mathmatical concepts.  Includes lesson plans for using the sites gizmos with your students both in the lab and in the classroom with a computer and projector. interactive site that offers calculus help to students.  It also includes calculus music, Christmas carols, and the only math store on the Internet.



arrowWorld Language:

Casa de Joanna

...french and spanish educational website with organized links to other sites on the Internet


Teaching with the Web in depth resource for teaching languages using the Internet.


E.L. Easton Languages Online

...excellent set of resources including quizzes, courses and other Internet sites. The most comprehensive site I have seen for teaching and learning languages.

...curricular materials, Internet links and online picture books in both French and Spanish.




arrowReligion and Ethics:

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

...web site for television program broadcast on PBS. Includes archives of all broadcasts to use for research and lesson plans using those archives as well as outside sources.


A Catholic Framework for Economic Life

...lesson plan idea around using this ten-point summary on economic life offered by the Bishops in 1996.


Theology/Religion/Catholic Education Resources extensive listing of sites for religious education on the Internet.




The Biology Project

..."an online interactive resource for learning Biology"


Environmental Inquiry to help high school students conduct environmental experiments-sponsored by Cornell University


ENC Online

... K-12 math and science teacher center with excellent links to math and science sites on the Internet, classroom activities and readings.



..."complete and interactive repository of cellular information" developed by students as a project in the Thinkquest program.


Gene Stories

...wonderful, interactive genetics web site sponsored by the BBC



...Web-based Inquiry Science Environment is a free online science site designed to help 5th-12th grade students and teachers conect scientific theory to practice


The Story of Mendel

...genetics site with an interesting interactive pea experiment


Cells Alive animations and movies of the cell cycle.


Envirolink resources dealing with the environment.


ChemTeam resources for Chemistry teams and AP Chemistry students.


The Physics Classroom

...tutorial for students taking first year high school physics.


Science Learning Network

...a consortium of 11 science museums created this site with links to each museum and resources from each one. A "one stop shop" for excellent museum sites.


Biology in Motion

...Biology site dedicated to making biology fun.


Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Science

...interactive earthquake, volcano, geologic dating, and global warming activities.



arrowSocial Studies:

The Learning Page

...access to historical documents, photographs, and films that are part of the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress. This site includes lesson plans, message boards, and professional development opportunities.


History and Politics Out Loud

..."searchable archive of politically significant audio materials"


British Library Curriculum Resources

...collection of online lessons with an incredible amount of interaction and depth of materials.  Be sure to visit Voices of the Holocaust with its recordings of survivors experiences and try out the virtual voyage in Trading Spaces about the East India Trading Company.


The Quest for Immortality Treasures of Ancient Egypt

...streaming videos from the National Gallery of Art's exhibition on ancient Egypt.  Your students can go inside a tomb and pick up and examine objects from the exhibit.


Columbus and the Age of Discovery

..."text retrieval system containing over 1100 text articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, speeches, official calendars and other sources relating to various encounter themes."




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