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Teaching and learning with technology in the classroom



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Computer workstation I have included several of my favorite "ed-tech" journals in this section.  These journals consistently have interesting articles and searchable archives. I have also added other articles and web sites I thought might be of interest to you.


arrowTechnology Integration Journals:

eSchool News

...journal devoted to new and upcoming technologies and their application in a school setting.


T.H.E. Journal

..."Technological Horizons in Education"a searchable educational journal dedicated to the use of technology in education.



...another of Annette Lamb's publications (see  Lesson Plans and Web Resources) written for "Active Technology Using Educators"


From Now On

..."The Educational Technology Journal" written by Jamie McKenzie, focuses on the use of technology in engaged learning and literacy.



...web site and online searchable journal dedicated to educational technology leaders.  It includes special links for teachers, tech coordinators and administrators.


Hands On

...publication of TERC a non-profit organization whose "mission is to improve mathematics, science and technology teaching and learning"



arrowOnline Publications

Connecting Student Learning & Technology

online publication of the US Department of Education presenting an introduction to constructivist learning theory and its application in a technology rich classroom.


arrowTechnology Integration Web Sites and articles:

Concept to Classroom online workshops for teachers.  A collaboration between the Disney corporation and channel thirteen in New York.


Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Classrooms and resources to help with technology integration including a comprehensive list of web resources under subjects.


Using Technology in the Classroom: Strategies and Paths 

...series of constructivist learning theory readings on topics relating to technology in the classroom.


Overview of Technology and Education Reform

...article exploring the role of technology in educational reform.


The Benefits of Information Technology

...article discussing the advantages of using technology in the classroom.


Teaching with Technology

...a list of articles dealing with the use of technology in education, part of the ERIC web site.


Education World: PowerPoint -- Creating Classroom Presentations

...article with links to  tutorials and ideas of how to use PowerPoint with your students.


Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology

...research based answers to questions in educational technology.




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