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Teacher in front of a classroom I have compiled links to my favorite lesson plan sites. Not all of the lesson plans you will find on these sites integrate technology effectively nor are all of the lesson plans equally good but it is a start. The sites I have chosen have search capabilities.  If you find a particularly good plan e-mail me and I will include it on this page.



The Gateway to Educational Materials

... an excellent full-service search engine for educational resources found on the Internet including lesson plans, web sites and webquests. It is categorized by grade level and subject area. It includes an excellent set of lessons for Modern Language and religion both areas that some other sites have trouble with.


DiscoverySchool Lesson Plans Library

...a teacher written series of lesson plans searchable by grade level and by subject area.  The religion department might find some topics of interest in the Contemporary Studies area.  I'm sorry Modern Language there are no Spanish, German or French Lesson Plans.



...topic driven lesson plans created by Annette Lamb.  Each topic has at least four web sites to explore and a series of possible questions and activities.  Each topic could be adapted for any grade level and there is a new one added each week.  Sorry again nothing for Modern Language  but there is a topic called Religions of the World for the religion department.


Marco Polo excellent searchable database of lesson plans and online  resources.


Blue Web'n

...matrix of Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and  type.  Includes lesson plans, online tools, and web resources.


Microsoft Education

...a complete index of online lesson plans, tutorials, and how-to articles using Microsoft products.  If you want to find lesson plans that integrate Microsoft excel or word this is the place to come.


Intel Teach to the Future

...lesson plans developed by by teachers in the Intel® Teach to the Future program.  The projects are searchable by topic and grade level.  There are two possible plans for Modern Language under the Language Arts link.


Ed Online

...lesson plans on this site are written by master teachers associated with the PBS station in New York City. They are designed to take advantage of PBS programming and other web resources. It is searchable by subject area only but it is easy to find the color-coded 9-12th grade resources.


Lesson Plan Central

...a large subject specific lesson plan site. Although it is not searchable by grade level the subject areas are divided into sub-categories many of which are high school topics.  There is a new link to Foreign Language lessons under the language arts subject area.




Created by Sharon Woodbridge last updated July 28. 2003

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