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At the end of this module students will:

  • be able to acquire images from the Internet, a scanner, a digital camera
  • be able to edit images to make them fit their presentation
  • resize an image for the Internet or e-mail
  • choose the correct resolution for printing an image
  • Insert an image into Microsoft Word
  • Insert and image into Microsoft PowerPoint


In this module you will learn how to get an image and then edit that image with Macromedia Fireworks. The lessons will be very hands-on. I have created a series of flash tutorials that will help you with these skills. You will then have a chance to practice the skills you just learned.

  1. Acquiring Images from the Internet Flash Presentation

    Find an Image you like
    Right click the image
    Choose save picture as
    Name the image
    Save it to your hard-drive (remembering the location for later).

    Remember your copyright lessons when selecting images from the Internet.
    Here are a list of sites containing copyright free images:

    Free Photo resources
    Gathering Images
    Visual Resources

  2. Scanning an Image
    How do you want to use the picture?
    Print- Scan at 300ppi
    Internet or Presentations-72-96 ppi
    Want to make the picture larger-Scan at a higher resolution
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Changing the Size of an Image in Macromedia Fireworks
    Open an image in Fireworks Flash Presentation

    Changing the Number of Pixels in an image Flash Presentation

    Cropping an Image Flash Presentation
  5. Insert an Image into Microsoft Word
  6. Insert an Image into Microsoft PowerPoint
  7. Assignment:
  • Find a copyright free image on the Internet that is larger than 400 pixels wide
  • Insert the original in a Word document/please site the web site where you acquired the Image (see the online citation creation resources at the bottom of the page)
  • Make the image smaller by changing the number of pixels to a width of 250 without changing the proportions of the image and insert that image into the same Word document
  • Crop the image and insert that image into a word document
  • Place the Word document in the dropbox for Module two
  • Create a 5 slide PowerPoint Presentation with a picture on every slide-one that you scanned, one that you took from a digital camera and 3 from Internet sites. (Please site your sources)
  • Use a scanner to scan a picture of yourself
  • Place the picture in your profile in Oncourse
  • Pay attention to the number of pixels in the image
    • I should not have to scroll to see all of the image
    • Crop the picture and remove any extraneous detail

    Discussion: Using the resources I gave you or ones that you found investigate three sites of your choosing that have copyright free images. Share them with your classmates in the discussion forum for this week. Evaluate the site with this guide to webpage evaluation and only choose sites you decide fit the criteria. Include a critique of the site, the sites copyright policy for educational use, and a complete citation for the web site using either MLA or APA formatting. Here are two resources for citation creation:

    Landmark Citation Machine


Due Dates

Initial Post in the discussion forum Sept 16
Responses due Sept 22
Word document Sept 26
PowerPoint Presentation Sept 26
Image to Oncourse Sept 26



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Acquiring and Editing Images