Great Good Deficient
Target Grade The Grade and Subject area are identified. 5 Pts Either the Grade level or Subject are missing 3 Pts Both the grade level and Subject are missing 0 Pts
Objectives The objectives for the lesson are clearly stated and all objectives are included. 10 pts The objectives are less clearly stated or not all of the objectives are present. 7 pts The objectives are unclear, poorly written and incomplete. 2 pts
Materials All materials needed for the lesson were provided and explained. 5 pts All materials were included but some were not explained. 3 pts All materials were not included or explained. 1 pt
Description Lesson description was clear so that a third party could try out the lesson. 20 pts Lesson description was clear but an uninformed third party might have difficulty witht the lesson 15 pts The lesson description was either unclear or difficult to follow. 5 pts
Technologies The technologies used were both appropriate for the topic and the lesson. 10 pts The technologies used were not the best ones that could have been chosen but still they were appropriate for the topic. 7 pts The technologies chosen were inappropriate for the topic 2 pts
Appropriateness The lesson was appropriate for both the grade level chosen and the topic. 20 pts The lesson was appropriate for the topic but was either too easy or too hard for the chosen grade level 15 pts The lesson was less than optimum for the topic. 5 pts
High Level Thinking The lesson chosen required high level thinking on the part of the students 20 pts Most of the lesson required high level thinking. 15 pts The lesson did not require high level thinking. 5 pts
Assessment The assessment matched the objectives and included a complete and appropriate rubric 10 pts The assessment matched the objectives but did not include a complete rubric, 7 pts The assessment did not match the objectives. 2 pts

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Lesson Plans Module 5- Using Digital Video