At the end of this module you will:

  • know more about each other
  • be able to navigate the oncourse interface
  • understand learning styles and their impact in the classroom



Welcome to W505 Using Digital Media in the Classroom. I really enjoyed seeing all of you at our first meeting in person Saturday August 21. This first module is about getting to know your fellow classmates, the Oncourse interface and yourself.

    1. If you have not done so already would you sent me an e-mail from your preferred e-mail address so that I will have a way to get in touch with you if Oncourse is unavailable.
    2. Once I have your e-mail address I would like you to go to the tools tab in Oncourse and complete the Getting around Oncourse Scavenger Hunt. If you have difficulty in finding any of the answers don't hesitate to ask your fellow classmates in the help desk discussion board.
    3. After you have completed the Oncourse Scavenger Hunt would you please take the student survey also found on the Tools tab.
    4. For your first discussion assignment I would like you to post 200 words in the forum titled Introductions by Tuesday August 3 and respond to at least two other posts by the end of this module Saturday August 7 If you have questions about how to post to the message boards you can view this flash presentation.
    5. Next accesss this site about online learning styles being sure to view this page describing the four styles and take the survey
    6. Post to the message board Learning Styles by August 4 with a 200 word response to the reflection questions for the week. Once you have read the posts I would like you to respond with 100 words by August 7 to at least one other person with a learning style that is different from your own. Make your response reflect what you know about your style of learning, offering suggestions and thoughtful questions. Your posts should include information from your readings, as well as your personal experiences. Your responses need to be more than "me too" responses to count toward participation in this discussion board. Remember to keep the discussion civil and follow the rules of netiquette.


Assignment Due Dates

E-mail to Instructor Due Immediately
Oncourse Scavenger Hunt Due by Aug 29
Getting to Know you Survey Due by Aug 29
Discussion Introductions Due by Aug 25
Discussion Introductions-Responses Due by Aug 29
Discussion Learning Styles Due by Aug 26
Discussion Learning Styles-Responses Due by Aug 29



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Getting to Know You